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Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.03 "Blue on Blue"

Betty (America Ferrera) goes Gucci on tonight's new episode of Ugly Betty, a big step for the character on "Blue on Blue." Her new job offers plenty of opportunities, and Betty is, as always, eager for a scoop. She goes all out in her pursuit of Gucci's fresh designer, Evan York (Hamish Linklater) but she can't quite accomplish the assignment on her own. With the help her sister Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and her very social customer Sammy (Adam Ferrara), Betty gets her connections straight and aims for the goal. Unfortunately, a little sabotage from Marc (Michael Urie) proves to be a huge drawback. Just like Betty, Marc pulls in his team for support. He enlists a clueless Amanda (Becki Newton) and even Betty's ex-boyfriend Matt Hartley (Daniel Eric Gold). When they come face to face with their nemesis, things heat up. They have a showdown over at the eating house where Ignacio (Tony Plana) works. Could this even jeopardize his job? As for the other Ugly Betty characters, we've got Daniel (Eric Mabius) still mourning the loss of his wife. He knows he can no longer rely on Betty to accomplish his every whim, so he decides to take control. Daniel starts to attend a bereavement group to confront his grief, but he finds something more during his sessions. There, he meets the sexy and wild Natalie (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). While she's not exactly the type you'd think Daniel would fall for, she's charming enough to pique his interest. She takes him for a night out on the town, which Daniel's sure he'll never forget. Another person who's not bound to forget romance is our dear wily Wilhelmina (Vanessa L. Williams). She's just gotten word that the love of her life, Connor (Grant Bowler), is in Bermuda. This causes her to drop everything and fly straight there, in the hopes of seeing him again. Source & Preview