Recaps for Ulysses 31

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Ulysses-how great to revisit this cartoon a decade or two later!!

I am so glad to have had the chance to revisit this old classic. I saw a couple of episodes on cable a few years back but not the whole series. So I found it on SideReel quite unexpectantly and here I am now having watched it from start to end. It actually has a good story behind it with many trials and tribulations for the characters. I'm not going to spoil this for everyone who may ever see this review ;) but I will still say a bit. Ulysses is the hero and he has 3 companians,Telemicas-his son,Umi a young telepathic girl who got stranded and the little (annoying at times) NoNo a little pet robot birthday present that Telemicas recieved. They are all aboard the starship 'Oddysey' which gives Starship Enterprise a good run for its money. Its all set centuries ahead but with the Gods of yesteryear ruling the universe like Zues and the like. In the beginning,Ulysses protected himself and his crew from a dangerous Cyclops who he fights off and kills. This is when he angered the Gods who then laid out a serious punishment for him and his crew. He then had to go through many battles to reach Hades where he and his companions will finally be set free and allowed to go back on their way to reach Earth. (we know this from the beginning so I'm not spoiling it for anyone). There is some really amusing words and phrases the 4 use such as when something startles them,Ulysses will say something like: "by the great galaxies..." (where we all would say ****). and "quivering quazars", its really funny. Ulysses is classy,articulate,strong and confident. But what is obvious in the series is that he trusts too much and doesn't listen to little Umi when she is sensing danger so he is a bit daft in that respect but he has to ignore her warnings or there would be no adventure to be had. Its a great adventure series and its nice,clean fun. It leaves you feeling quite warm hearted. If you in your 30's (or a kid) and want a bit of nostalgia,and like me you like your cartoons, then do give this series a look in. Its a good crack! Mumski