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Unforgettable “Spirited Away” Review

There’s a line in a famous Christmas song  about telling scary ghost stories  and I think the writer of this week’s  Unforgettable  took that idea to heart. "Spirited Away" started in an abandoned mental hospital and ended with a hidden body in the basement  of a creepy  house . Toss in a psychotic nurse and you’ve got a pretty  chilling tale to tell around the  fireplace. Ghost hunters don’t last very long on crime dramas, but the good thing about killing them off (or bad thing from the killer’s perspective) is that they usually leave video evidence behind for the detectives. This week’s murderer got caught by a heat-seeking, Infa-red camera designed to pick up ghosts. Why ghosts are warm enough to show up on such film is beyond me, but I’m not a Hunter. I don’t get the finer details of ectoplasm. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Trajectories” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Trajectories" Season 1 Episode 10 – After getting slowly better for the past couple of episodes,  Unforgettable  slipped this week with the very boring "Trajectories." How many times have we seen gang shootings in cop dramas? Over and over and over again. They never really change. No matter what the writers think, there are no more twists and turns left to surprise us, nothing that will keep us glued to our screens. Innocent lives are always taken and there’s always at least one intense Hispanic cop dedicated to bringing the gangs down at any cost. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Golden Bird” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Golden Bird" Season 1 Episode 9  – Am I just getting tired of not enjoying Unforgettable , or did I really , actually get into this week’s episode, "Gold Bird"? At the very least, I found it a step in the right direction, proof that the show can be better, which is what I think I’ve said all along. When a teenage girl takes a swan dive off her apartment building, Carrie and the team have to figure out why such a good girl was stealing money, calling Planned  Parenthood  and eventually ended up murdered. It seems obvious, but it’s actually not; the fact that the victim was such a good girl led her to idolize another girl in her class, a golden bird, who was pregnant by the dean of students. In trying to help her friend, the girl wound up being killed by the dean in order to protect his secret. I don’t know why, but something touched me about this case. It felt like an episode of  SVU  or  Cold Case , which are two of my favorite procedurals. Yes, the incredible memory stuff was still there, but there was some actual police work as well. This is the direction the show should try to take in thefuture  if it wants to survive to a second season. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Lost Things” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Lost Things" Season 1 Episode 8  – As a follow-up to last week’s episode of Unforgettable , "Lost Things" dove quite a bit into the  mythology of the show, namely Carrie’s uber-memory and exactly how she developed it. There was also a murder mystery , but frankly, the details  about the crime  escaped me. I know that the victim was killed because she found out about  a plot to kill someone else, which is kind of a horrible reason for murder . I’m not saying there are great reasons for murder, but this one seemed worse than others. What I took away from this episode was the fact that rather than being the one hazy area in Carrie’s past, her sister’s murder was actually the catalyst which turned her good memory into the superpower that it is today. In flashback, which involved putting an otherwise cute kid actor into a red wig that might have weighed more than she did, we saw the aftermath of Rachel’s murder. Out of grief and a need to move on, her mother cleaned out the room that she and Carrie shared, removing all of Rachel’s things which deeply upset Carrie. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Road Block” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Road Block" Season 1  Episode 7 – Instead of relying on her own memories, Carrie has to help a witness unlock  theirs in "Road Block," this week’s  Unforgettable . When a former  druggie turned dedicated single dad is found dead in his apartment with his baby missing, Carrie faces off against an unhelpful social worker  and dredges up some painful memories from nine years earlier when her life  spiraled out of control  and she gave up her badge and herrelationship with  Al. As it turns out, the social worker wasn’t being unhelpful as much as she was trying to protect herself and the dead man’s baby from the private security/criminals who she witnessed killing him. Carrie has a medical condition to account for her amazing memory, but it’s her own frustration over not being able to recall her sister’s killer that helps her guide the social worker through recovering her memories of the murder. I just wish that she’d waited until they got to a more secure location than a shack in the woods. Even if Al had the suspect under control, there was no way of knowing for sure if there were more beefcakes with guns running around. Bad cop, Carrie! Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Friended” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Friended" Season 1 Episode 6 – Every crime show these days must have at least one episode about celebutantes; this week,  Unforgettable  gave us their version in the form of "Friended." When a famous party girl  goes missing (leaving only her Christian  Louboutin behind…very Cinderella), Carrie and Al dig into her life and find that in the world  of high society, appearances  are all that really counts. Didn’t we already know that? Turns out, the party girl was a faker and she got killed by her so-called best friend  when that fact came to light. Honestly, this episode bored me. There was so much texting and gossiping and bitching that at one point I had to actually rewind a bit because I’d nodded off in  the middle  of the big reveal. That’s not good; usually that only happens during reality shows. I wish I could say why I’m not finding this show compelling, but the truth is, there’s a lot of factors, not the least of which is the fact that from week to week, Carrie can’t decide if her accent is British or Southern. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “With Honor” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "With Honor" Season 1  Episode 5 – Last night’s episode of  Unforgettable , "With Honor," got me thinking: when’s the last time  a cop murder on  TV didn’t involve a ring of dirty narcotics officers? This week, it got personal for  Al as his former partner/father figure is gunned down outside a bowling alley , truly an undignified death. Dying in bowling shoes . Of course, IA swoops in and acts all mysterious, claiming that their mystery investigation takes precedence over the murder. This is why I like  Against the Wall  so much; it’s the only show where IA isn’t the enemy. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Up In Flames” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Up in Flames" Season 1 Episode 4 – Carrie’s memory is needed more than ever when a crime scene goes "Up in Flames," in this week’s  Unforgettable . With only one glance around the victim’s apartment before a gas leak blows it up, she’s able to solve the murder of a wealthy, unfaithful businessman who got mixed up in a prison money laundering scheme. I think I’ve figured out what isn’t clicking for me. There’s an inherent problem when you have a cop show where one character  possesses a superpower—it tends to reduce the other cops to mere setdressings . Carrie’s memory is a great plot device, but it shouldn’t be the only tool used to solve crimes in New York. Yes, I understand  that it’s the main draw, what makes the show stand out from other police dramas, but it’s starting to feel less like a unique twist and more like a writing crutch. It was interesting, at least for the few minutes allotted to the subplot, to see that even though Carrie’scondition  is based in documented medical fact, not everyone is completely willing to trust her memory no matter what. The ADA, for example, wants actual, physical proof (shocker!) and Al has to scramble to find a plausible reason why his entire case is based on his ex-girlfriend’s two-second glance into an apartment that blew up a minute later. Read More... //

UNFORGETTABLE “Check Out Time” Review

UNFORGETTABLE  "Check Out Time" Season 1  Episode 3  – The case  in this week’s episode of Unforgettable , "Check Out Time," was so forgettable that I actually had to watch  it twice in order to follow the plot . A wealthy man  is murdered and a battered hotel maid comes forward (via her Gloria Allred-esque attorney) to claim that she killed him in self-defense after he tried to rape her. But thanks to Carrie’s incredible memory, it’s revealed that the murder was far more complicated. The maid was paid to cry rape by the family who adopted the victim’s child; they wanted to smear the man’s name so he couldn’t get joint custody of his biological son. But the plot turned deadly when the maid enlisted the help of the hotel’s chief of security, who decided to pump even more money out of the victim via blackmail and wound up killing him when he wouldn’t comply. Read More... //


UNFORGETTABLE  "Heroes" Season 1 Episode 2 – A child witnesses the murder of his parents in "Heroes," the second episode of  Unforgettable , and Carrie must use her super power in order to make sense of a scared little boy’s memories. It’s a fairly straightforward double murder of a gambler and his doctor wife who got mixed up in an organ-trafficking ring. What is the deal with stolen body parts in TV shows this season? I’m almost getting tired of the bath tub kidney removal jokes and I usually love a good urban legend reference. Turns out the doctor was murdered by her  boss  (the head of the ring) when she wanted out. Thanks to Carrie remembering that their son was frightened by an image of the same sort of airplane that the murderer owned, they figure out who the killer was and bring down the ring. In the grand tradition of most detectives/crime scene investigators, Carrie identifies with the traumatized kid a little bit too much. He witnessed his parents’ murder just as she witnessed her sister’s, the only difference being that her sister’s murder is the one thing in her life that Carrie can’t remember. Although, I’m thinking now that it’s not so much that she can’t remember, but that she doesn’t want to. Read More... //