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Veep: "Groundbreaking" Review

Though it was only mentioned back toward the top of the season, Selina inevitably choosing to run for president again was a no-brainer. And while the writing may have been on the while, I still commend this season for maintaining her ex-president story the entire time, without half the season feeling like she had one foot back in the game. This year was about her legacy and her fumbling attempts to make her one year as Commander in Chief feel historic and meaningful. I'll also commend this season finale, "Groundbreaking," for pulling the trigger on her new presidential bid and making it feel fresh and fun. Flashbacks were the name of the game here, along with hilarious moments both big and small, as we traveled back six years to Selina putting a halt to her presidential run (the intern running away from Amy was amazing!) and then her first day in office as VP. READ MORE...

Veep Season 6 Finale: May the Fourth Be With Her Plus, Grade It

Veeps presidential library arc climaxed in Sundays time-tripping Season 6 finale as ex-POTUS Selina Meyer prepared to preisde over the dedication of her museum/shrine. But inevitably an 11th hour crisis derailed her big moment as Amy informed her boss that the library was going to be built onYale Universitys former slave quarters. Oh, and the [] //

Veep Season Finale Recap: Off to the Races

Prediction: Jonah will be elected president before this show ends. ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: Pure Heroine

Comedy doesnt get much meaner than this.   ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: A Vortex of Sexual Confusion

Happy birthday, Gary!   ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: Shut It Down

A taxonomy of all the fun and different ways men can be disgusting.  ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: A Warlord and a Peace Lady

Selina Meyers problems are so relatable. ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: A Cheater, A Liar, and a Horse Thief

Dont you see I had no choice but to go into politics and be extraordinary and a sex symbol! ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: No Justice, No Peace

No one in Veep hates women more than Selina Meyer does. ...Read More... //

Veep Recap: Democracy Inaction

I will destroy you in ways that are so creative they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center. ...Read More... //