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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Pass Judgement

The abbies were just peaceful creatures minding their own business before Pilcher came along and opened fire. He's gone now, but the mess he left behind is not going away. The whole town was in panic mode on Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 8 after Margaret escaped her captivity.   Read More...   //

Wayward Pines: Two Baby Bombshells Drop in "Pass Judgment"

  Wayward Pines ' "Pass Judgment" took us all over town. After last week's tense hour in the lab, this week's episode seemed determined to visit every set in the Wayward Pines world, from a secret bunker to the school to the roof tops of Main Street. Shout out to Margaret (Rochelle Okoye) for he ...   Read More...   //

'Wayward Pines' Recap: Will Hassler Join the Abbie's Fight?

In "Pass Judgement" the stakes are increasingly getting higher as a frantic Abbie-hunt overtakes the town. Soldiers and civvies alike freak out under the stress causing three beings to get shot. Margaret is on the loose and on her way back to her people. Her intellectual and emotional intelligence continue to reveal themselves, especially in her interactions with Hassler and Rebecca. This is no surprise considering the pivotal events of the previous episode when Margaret released herself from captivity and effortlessly escaped.  Read More... //

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Time Will Tell

CJ must be the loneliest man in the whole world. Can you imagine him waking up alone every twenty years or so to check on the state of the world, almost never coming into contact with another human being? How did he get stuck with the crap job of figuring out when to wake everybody up and start building?...    Read More...   //

'Wayward Pines' Recap: Is Margaret the Key to Saving Mankind?

On this episode of Wayward Pines , "Time Will Tell," Yedlin tries to communicate with Margaret, believing she could be the town's only hope for survival. While the Abbies' numbers swell outside the fence, Jason readies for war and CJ looks back on the past 2,000 years.   At the rate things are going for the residents of Wayward Pines, there won't be anyone left for a third season. No food, no meds and they are surrounded by angry Abbies. They also have a huge teen pregnancy problem. Oh, wait, that's a good thing. With all the preggos running around, the future of mankind is safe since nobody wants to see young mothers get ripped to shreds....    Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: Stabby Abbie

This Wednesday on Foxs Wayward Pines, Dr. Yedlins best intentions were for naught, leading to a major casualty. Theo spent much of the episode attempting to bridge the communication gap between humans and abbies or at least Margaret but using flash cards with simple symbols to teach the first female captive concepts such [] //

Wayward Pines Recap: Follow the Leader

"Time Will Tell" reminds us how good an actor Djimon Hounsou can be....   Read More... //

'Wayward Pines' recap: 'Time Will Tell'

Theo tries to communicate with Margaret and CJ's lonely past is revealed...   Read More... //

Wayward Pines Recap: We Didnt Start the Fire

After watching this episode, it's hard not to be on Team Abbie. ...  Read More... //

'Wayward Pines' recap: 'City Upon a Hill'

The Abbies return, and all hell breaks loose in 'paradise' ...  Read More... //