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If You Havnt Started Season 4 Yet, Dont Bother

Seriously, this season was not even close to on par with the three previous. The hilarity of the characters and situations is entirely gone and really beyond that there is not enough to hold this show together. I loved the first three seasons, but watching the fourth one was like watching the second and third matrix. Now that I have, I feel like it sort of ruins the original. Save your time, leave your fond memories in tact, and start a new show. Season 4 is for the crows.


Season 4 On Dvd?

Weeds (spoilers)

WOW!! Nancy is pregnant..... I wonder what is going to happen next!!

Weeds Finale: Cheers or Jeers?

Did the Weeds finale suppress your Weeds appetite for the season or were you left disappointed? It looks like some fans aren't loving it as much this season - are you still completely hooked or feeling a let down after seeing how Season 4 has concluded?

Last song of episode 12?

Hey, Does anyone know what song was playing during the end credits of episode 12? I wish showtime would speed up with their music updates. Thanks!

Weeds becoming kind of bland?

I dont know if its just me but I think season 1, 2, and 3 had way more interesting episodes and they were really funny. Season 4 seems kinda blah....what do you people think? Or it could be that the episodes are building up to a better plot?

what happened to episode 4 last night?

Hey all, I was just wondering why there is no S4 E10 posted?

Anyone know the last song in this seasons episode 9? "Little Boats"

Anyone know the song that plays at the end of the episode and in through the end credits?

Music 408

Can somebody tell me the title of the last song in this seasons episode 8?

does anyone know what happened to episode 6?

I can't seem to find it working anywhere online. Anybody else having the same problems?