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Winter Sonata Anime Facing Troubled Production - Featured

Japanator reports that the anime adaptation of Winter Sonata is facing far more than its share of production problems in an industry notorious for working on episodes right up until the air date and into the DVD release. Winter Sonata, the anime adaptation of the Korean mega-hit drama from 2002, debuted with its first episode two days ago. The problem? They only have three episodes completed, according to word that's been leaked from the Winter Sonata Production Committee (the producers of the show, in essence). Apparently, one of the actors, Yong Joon Bae, requested changes be made to the first episode during ADR. That must have put a major kink in things, and if this sort of attitude continues, it would create a major disruption for the workflow of the staff, meaning the episodes just can't get done on time. Full story from Japanator here