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wizards of waverly place

i like wizards of waverly place too so cool :) i think the movie the best if anyone wants to watch the witches its on here now i added a link its a movie about witches trying to make sure there are no more children in the world its the one that says its got 1 result

Fav Episode

I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wizards Of Waverly Place its one of my favorite disney channel shows its the best i would have to say my favorite episode is "I almost drownded in a chocolate fountain"! i cant stop laughing at the part where she is taking bites out of the deserts that everyone ordered at her table and then the waitor brings out a chocolate cake for a table of 2 and she goes up to them and says congadulations i knew you guys would work out! and she gives them the top and eats the rest but if you were to ask me what is something that i would rlly lyke to do i would say have a choco. slipping slide and make chocolate angels! What is your favorite episode???? comment back and be sure to rate! LUV YA!!!