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Heart of Darkness

Nice episode. Xena ends up being the creator of Satan by tricking him into commiting the seven deadly sins, which they certainly were for old "Luci". It ends with Xena literally kicking him into the bowels of Hell. It also has a very "nice", dance sequence within an "orgy" scene that was beyond "hot". A must see for all Xena hard core fans.


I remember watching Xena with my dad and my sister, and sometimes with my cousins. I still love this show!

Brings up memories of my childhood

Xena has been one of my favorite shows since I was a young. It has everything: action, adventure, love, history, drama, comedy...even medicine!! What more could you ask for in a show?!? It was a great six seasons, and I'm glad the show ended with such a positive attitude and great support. I enjoy watching these shows, and they bring me back to the time I was young and had no worries.