Pll 5 11

Alex's Pick


Finally, Melissa's ready to spill her dirty little secrets.


Keep it in your pants, Peralta!

Royal pains 6 11

"Hankmed on the Half Shell"

Divya and Jeremiah treat a model with an eating disorder; Evan tries to distance himself.

Drunk hirstory 2 9


Baron von Steuben helps train the Continental Army; John Adams and Thomas Jefferson campaign.


Is there room for a fourth judge on the panel?

Tb cliffhangers

As all the Truebies are awaiting the series finale (will we finally get a cliffhanger free finale?!), take a trip down memory lane with our list of True Blood's suspense-ridden finales.

Most important 8 18

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.

Covert 5 9

"Spit on a Stranger"

Annie begins an operation without support from the agency; Calder interrogates Auggie.


If the latest Starz renewal news is any indication, it looks like the Outlander series may be just as successful as the novels it's based on!

Simpsons mar

Which Simpsons episodes have made lasting impressions on you over the last 25 years? The SideReel staff pick their favorites, and give you the best times to tune into FXX's super-sized Simpsons marathon.

Lists slide

Keep yourself organized, group shows together by theme, or make a TV mix for your friend; there are tons of ways to use SideReel Lists!

Nathan for you

Rachel's Pick


I'm glad @SideReelAlex kept talking about NFY. Funniest show on TV right now!

Team animalhats

Do you love television, technology, ponycorns, and bacon? Take a look at our open positions and join the SideReel team!

Fall preview 2014

Check out all the newest network shows slated to hit your TV this fall!

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Remember when the only sketch comedy on TV was SNL? Those days are long gone. Unlike their network counterparts, sketch comedy shows on cable are consistently surprising, shocking, and, most importantly, gut-bustingly funny. Skip the underwhelming SNL reruns and tune into these immediately.


The Naked Truth

Be honest, the explosion of nudity-themed reality shows intrigues (and titillates) you. It's OK. You're not alone. Everyone is fascinated by these. And don't worry, you won't even need to clear your browser history after watching them.


Apocalypse Eventually

Let's assume you survive the apocalypse; have you watched enough TV shows to succeed in a changed society? If you check out all of the series on this list, we think you should be in good shape, though we make no guarantees. Learn how to kill zombies, aliens, and, well, existential despair in five easy shows!


The Past Isn't Dead

It lives forever on TV. Period dramas are in high demand! Maybe it's the pretty dresses. Maybe it's the desire to live in simpler times. Maybe it's the high production values. But ultimately, who cares what the reasons are? If there's an era you want to explore, there's a series about it.