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Family Matters

Sitcom families. Sure, they're happier than yours, and more attractive than yours, but they're also... fake. That being said, it turns out that family sitcoms can actually be funny. For real! The 21st century versions of TV families are both far more normal and far more amusing than their '80s and '90s counterparts. Welcome to the fam, SideReelers.

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We're not saying that the Real Housewives bare any resemblance to, uh, real housewives, but who cares? There's a difference between being Real and being real, and being Real involves DRAMA and WINE and YELLING. Which would you rather watch? Be honest! We won't tell (or judge).

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Blast from the Past

Were you born yesterday but yearn for yesteryear? Happily for you, there's been a huge boom in period pieces lately, with associated costumes and accents to boot! Well, aren't you lucky to be able to safely experience the past through the magic of television!

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Remember when comics were the exlusive province of the young and/or anti-social? Who'd ever have guessed that we'd get a golden age of superhero television (and movies, but whatever)? Whether you're a DC-er or a Marvel-ite or unaligned, your cape awaits.

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