Absolon - 2003 poster

Absolon - 2003

In the year 2007, a plague has wiped out half of the world's population, a cure to the plague was found. The only way to stay alive, everyone on Earth must now take a corporation manufactured drug called "Absolon" without it everyone will die. Norman Scott is a police detective who has been assigned to investigate the assassination of a scientist who was working on a cure to the plague. Uncovering a conspiracy involving the murdered scientist and the drug "Absolon", Scott finds himself the target of a group of assassins, when he learns he is carrying the cure. On-the-run with one of the scientist's colleges Claire, Scott learns the assassins are working for Murchison, the corporate head of the corporation that manufactured the Absolon drug who wants the cure for himself. Can Scott expose the conspiracy? and will the cure he's carrying save the human race?