Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina poster

Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina

The world is in recovery in the aftermath of World War III, and a new nation has risen above the rest: Olympus. By maintaining ESWAT as an elite law enforcement unit with worldwide jurisdiction, Olympus is intent on maintaining world peace. Though ESWAT is successfully employed when dealing with military threats, the greater of threat of human nature must also be combated, and Olympus does this with bioroids - genetically engineered humans who are unable to feel negative emotions, and thus cannot have their judgment impaired by it. They are in control of Olympus, occupying every major government office, though there are others who maintain ordinary lives among the population. Poseidon, a multinational industrial conglomerate whose operations include the manufacture of cyborg components and consumer electronics, has a dirty little secret to hide. One of their top researchers has gone rogue, taking his expertise in mind control and delusions of grandeur with him. Using his knowledge, he plans to take over the world by transmitting a signal to the latest consumer gadget manufactured by Poseidon which will allow him to control the mind of whoever is wearing it.
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