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Ask A Policeman poster

Ask A Policeman

Ask a Policeman is a 1939 British comedy film starring Will Hay. Will Hay plays Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot, an inept policeman, stagnating in the sleepy village of Turnbotham Round (pronounced Turnbottom), where there has been no crime for a decade. After the Chief Constable tells them that there is not enough local criminal activity to justify their station's existence, three incompetent policemen decide to start manufacturing crimes to "fiddle the figures". Dudfoot, together with Albert Brown (Graham Moffatt) and Jerry Harbottle (Moore Marriott) create a crime wave by framing motorists in a speed trap and concocting false evidence. They also leave a keg of whiskey unattended in order to frame someone as a smuggler - and then accidentally discover a real smuggling ring!