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Bad Ronald poster

Bad Ronald

Bad Ronald is a television movie that aired in 1974 starring Scott Jacoby, Dabney Coleman and sisters Lisa and Cindy Eilbacher. It is based on the book of the same title by Jack Vance. Ronald Wilby (Scott Jacoby) is a nerdy high school youth with budding artistic talent and a predilection for fantasy. His mother (Kim Hunter of Planet of the Apes fame) is an over-bearing motherly type, in need of surgery, of a similar stripe to those featured in Carrie and the creation of Norman Bates. He is often shamed and mocked for his behavior and mannerisms. His mother's plans are for him to become a doctor and cure her illness. One afternoon while asking Leanne Matthews out he is ridiculed by her friends. As he runs home he knocks over her younger sister Carole. Carole taunts Ronald, at which point he pushes her over, inadvertently killing her. He hides the body and confesses to his mother. Fearing the police will not believe that it was accidental, Ronald and his mother fill in the door...This information was automatically generated from Freebase article Bad Ronald. You should replace/update it...