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Believers poster


Believers is a seinen manga by Naoki Yamamoto and is his first weekly serial manga created entirely without the help of any assistants.Believers was first serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits between May and November of 1999 and is published in two tankÃ…Â?bon by Shogakukan. The plot to Believers revolves around themes of sexual desire and the line between dreams and reality. It must be noted however, that while Believers contains many scenes of pornographic nature, the sex and nudity is used intellectually and not merely as fan service. "Believers"[I] is the word for members of the "Smiley Face Center", a cult organization with the goal of achieving purity of self and reaching "the land of comfort". Believers follows the events of three such people that have been left stranded on a deserted island off the coast of Japan. The three "believers" are referred to only by their rank and they practice various activities in an effort to purge their bodies from the perceived evils that society...This information was automatically generated from Freebase article Believers. You should replace/update it...