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Bullet in the head poster

Bullet in the head

Bullet in the Head is a 1990 Hong Kong movie by John Woo. A radical assault on the senses, Bullet in the Head portrays the distressing escapades of several friends cajoled, through a random act of violence, into sacrificing the idyllic innocence of youth to fanaticism and injustice of the Vietnam war. Some critics note the similarities between Woo's Bullet in the Head and Michael Cimino's 1978 Vietnam epic, The Deer Hunter.[1][2][3][4] Woo's original cut of the film ran over three hours long. Golden Princess demanded that Woo cut the film down to a commercially viable length; however, the original theatrical version still remained massively edited from Woo's final cut. As a result, the film exists in many different cuts due to local/market censorship. Here is a list of the scenes that set the different versions apart: Numerous of "Bullet In The Head" are missing parts of the English translation. For this reason, the subtitles disappear for seconds at a time. Below are the translated lines...This information was automatically generated from Freebase article Bullet in the head. You should replace/update it...