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Felicia Day poster

Felicia Day


'Supernatural': Felicia Day talks Charlie's return, a new spin on Dorothy of Oz, and a twist you won't see coming
'Supernatural' first look: Felicia Day returns as Charlie as the Winchesters meet Dorothy of Oz
‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Sneak Peek Photos: Felicia Day Returns Just in Time For a Trip to Oz
Comic-Con 2013: 'Supernatural' Season 9 preview, Felicia Day returns
Felicia Day Discusses End Of ‘The Guild’, #TableTopDay In Reddit IamA
Sci-Fi Favorite Felicia Day to Make Third Appearance on ‘Supernatural’
Felicia Day on Her Super GIF-able Supernatural Return, Shares Her Defense of Sam
Sci-Fi Favorite Felicia Day to Make Return Visit to ‘Supernatural’
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