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Final Destination poster

Final Destination

Final Destination is a 2000 horror film about a group of students who 'cheat death' by avoiding a plane crash when one has a premonition of their deaths, but soon after, they begin dying one by one in mysterious freak accidents. The script was originally written by Jeffrey Reddick as a spec script for the X-Files. (Director James Wong worked as a writer, producer and director on that series.) The story has some interesting similarities with an episode of The Twilight Zone titled "Twenty-Two". The film is distributed by New Line Cinema. The DVD was released on September 26 2000. The film was the first in the Final Destination series, and was followed by Final Destination 2 (2003) and by Final Destination 3 (2006). It also spawned a series of related novels, the Final Destination books. Recently, Zenescope Entertainment has begun producing a series of Final Destination comic books mini-series called Final Destination: Death Never Takes a Vacation, featuring a trip to CancÃ?Æ?Ã?â??Ã?â??Ã?ºn gone...This information was automatically generated from Freebase article Final Destination. You should replace/update it...
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