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John Tucker Must Die poster

John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker is popular, sexy, talented and a complete player. He dates three girls at once, the total stereotypes of every highschool, the cheerleader, the brainiac and the slut. When a new very pretty, sweet and clever girl, Kate, comes to town after her mother's heart is broken yet again and packs their lives up again, they set out to use Kate in their scheme to humiliate John. But this fails and he breaks up with them after "finding his emotional needs". Now they seek to kick the gear to overdrive and use Kate to break his heart and be the ultimate challenge for him. They mold her into the ultimate high- school femme fatal mystery chic and help her get John's appetite wet. While John is hankering after her, she meets his younger brother, Scott, and becomes his lab partner. In Scott she finds friendship and starts to like him more than just platonically, and Scott resipricates these feelings, until he realises that his brother wants her. Scott's seen John pick up and quickly drop off every girl in the school, and chooses to keep his distance from Kate, thinking she's like every other John Tucker groupie in the school. John starts to fall in love with Kate, and she realises what a nice guy he is under the alfa male mask. So what is she to do? Go along with the scheme and break John's heart at his annual birthday bash to be accepted by the "popular" chics, be with John and confess her sins, or leave both of these parties and go to Scott if he'll have her? And who will truly lose in the end? John Tucker, Kate, the schemeing trio or Scott? It seems everyone will lose as their well laid sabotage of John's heart spirals out of control. After all John Tucker Must Die...