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Karl Urban

Almost Human Interview: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy Talk John and Dorian’s Car Moments, The Future of the Show and More
'Almost Human' Interview: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy on Kennex and Dorian's Relationship and Fun Chemistry
'Almost Human's' Karl Urban: 'It's a realistic vision of the future'
'Almost Human's' Karl Urban: His most embarrassing iPod song and 13 more facts
ALMOST HUMAN’s Michael Ealy on Working with Karl Urban: ‘The Chemistry is Growing’
'Almost Human': Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are one in poster for FOX's new series
Karl Urban: 'Star Trek 3' should take a more 'original' approach than 'Into Darkness'
Want a DREDD Sequel? Want to See Karl Urban Return as Judge, Jury and Executioner? Sign the Official DREDD Sequel Petition to Make Some Noise!
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