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Megumi Hayashibara poster

Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara (born March 30, 1967) is a Japanese seiyu, singer, radio personality and lyricist from Tokyo. She is currently affiliated with Aksent. Her nicknames include Megu-san, Megu-nee, Bara-san, Kakka and Daijin. She is most known for her roles in Ranma (as Ranma Saotome), Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Rei Ayanami), Cowboy Bebop (as Faye Valentine), Slayers (as Lina Inverse), Detective Conan (as Ai Haibara), Pokémon (as Musashi/Jessie of Team Rocket) and Shaman King (as Anna Kyoyama). Hayashibara is also a registered nurse.