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Nathan Geist

Nathaniel Adam Geist was born August 16, 1986, and grew up in Buffalo Grove until 1995. He then moved to Zion, Illinois, where he spent most of his life. He enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard on April 21, 2004.His senior year of high school, he and two other seniors protested a school bathroom policy with fliers around the school. That same night, he and an unnamed accomplice vandalized the school in protest, but was caught the next day. This event sparked MTV to re-enact the experience for their television show, "High School Stories," which would be the first time "Danger" had a run-in with the film and television industry.Danger later went on to perform small roles in movies, including "5-25-77" with John Frances Daley and "Quebec" with Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly.