Prince of Egypt (1998), The poster

Prince of Egypt (1998), The

The Prince of Egypt is an Academy Award winning American animated film released by Dreamworks. It follows the life of the biblical prophet Moses and the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Moses is the younger adopted brother of Rameses II, and the adopted son of the pharaoh and his wife. With the help of his estranged siblings, Aaron and Miriam, Moses discovers that he is Hebrew. When he kills an Egyptian guard for beating a Hebrew slave, he leaves his home in despair. While away, he falls in love with Tzipporah, a Midianite woman whom he has encountered before and whose father welcomes him. When Moses encounters the burning bush, he is spoken to by the Hebrew god. He returns to Egypt to face his brother, now Pharaoh, with a message from his God: "Let my people go!".