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Snake Fist of a Buddhist Dragon poster

Snake Fist of a Buddhist Dragon

Like a bad Robert Tai film as re-edited by Godfrey Ho. Basically a hodge-podge of clips from other films, tied together with an almost incomprehensible narrative about brothers separated at birth, ming rebels fighting the Manchus, etc. This sort of thing got produced with surprising frequency in Hong Kong throughout the '70s & '80s, but usually as a "sequel" to a successful film (using outtakes), as a cash-in on the original. But this is not a sequel as far as I can tell; in fact I can't fathom its reason for being, since the cast (of the binding narrative thread) are all unknowns, the story has little drama to it, the craftsmanship is shoddy (etc.); and above all, the only good fighting in the film is in the clips from other movies. Bottome line: if you're new to fu, avoid it; if (like me) you really must see every kung fu film ever made, at least try to spend as little money as possible on it.