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Southland Tales poster

Southland Tales

Southland Tales is a 2007 science fiction / drama / black comedy film, written and directed by Richard Kelly. The title refers to the Southland, a name used by locals to refer to Southern California and Greater Los Angeles. Set in the near future of an alternate history, the film is a portrait of Los Angeles and a comment on the military-industrial news-tainment complex. The film features an ensemble cast. Original music for the film was provided by Moby. Samuel Goldwyn Films in partnership with Destination Films and Sony Pictures released Southland Tales. The film premiered May 21, 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival, where it received a negative reception. After significant edits, the final version premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 22, 2007. It opened in wide release in California on November 14, 2007 and in Canada as well as nationwide in United States, in just 63 theaters, on November 16, 2007. The film opened in the United Kingdom on December 7, 2007.