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The Gate of Fallen Angels poster

The Gate of Fallen Angels

Before the beginning of time, Lucifer waged war on the throne of heaven. When he was cast out God stripped him of his jewels, "The Fire Stones". Then God gave the Fire Stones to Moses to be worn in a chest plate for the priest who would control the Ark of the Covenant. Now, Hundreds of years after The Fire Stones disappeared, a detirmined archeology student named Victoria Keeting has uncoverd them and made one of the most sought after religious relic finds of the century. But by taking them she has unlocked the gate that will allow Lucifer to roam the earth in human form. But Victoria's good-luck is everyone elses misfortune. As those who surround her, colleeges and friends alike are beginning to disappear. Can Victoria bring an end to Lucifer's reign of terror before he has the chance to reclaim his throne on earth?