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Tru Confessions poster

Tru Confessions

Tru Confessions (2002) is a Disney Channel Original Movie. Tru Walker aspires to be famous, and has a twin brother Eddie who suffers from a mental disability. He becomes the subject of her documentary for film contest she enters. It was directed by Paul Hoen, based on the novel by Janet Tashjian. Trudy "Tru" Walker is a teenager who wants to have her own TV-show. Tru dislikes her life, and is embarrassed because her twin brother, Eddie, has a mental diability which causes him to act like a young child. Tru feels sorry for him, but she is tired of people assuming she is also disabled. Tru, with the encouragement of her friends, decides to enter a contest, the winner of which will get their own TV show. With the documentary contest submission deadline coming close, Tru has her friends, Eddie, and her mom watch it first. To Tru's dismay, they all found it dreadfully boring. So Tru makes a video of her brothers life, and all of his complications. Tru thinks her mother doesn't get her, and...This information was automatically generated from Freebase article Tru Confessions. You should replace/update it...