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Umrao Jaan - 2006 poster

Umrao Jaan - 2006

The real wealth of people is their culture and literary work. Which reflects the times, the place and the people. One such work was Mirza Hadi Ruswaâ??s Umrao Jaan Ada. Ruswa was a teacher in mathematics, science, philosophy & Persian. Ruswa was born in 1857 in Licknow and his parents died when he was 16 years old. â??Ruswa ` means a person without reputation. After going through the book, many literary minds felt that Ruswa could have named it â??Kahani Avadh Ki` or â?? Sham-e-Avadhâ?? , because it is a vivid depiction of life in Avadh. But then, â??Sham-e-Avadhâ?? or â??An Evening in Avadhâ?? means â??mehfilsâ?? of song and dance and gatherings of poets and the literati - a veritable celebration of life And any such evening would be inconceivable without the presence of Umrao Jaan Ada. A courtesan and a poetess in her own right, Umrao Jaan was a name to be reckoned with in any description of life in Avadh. If Lucknow was the heart of Avadh. Umrao was the heart beat..