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Magical girls with a complicated twist explores the morale ambiguity of death for the greater good and wishes for souls. Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, the show features incredible artwork.


Set in a dystopian future, this dark and enthralling series is Minority Report meets Brazil, where detectives can instantly measure your mental state, and kill based on your psycho score.


From the creators of Cowboy Bebop comes this series about an alien bounty hunter who's the "dandiest man in space".


To battle an invading evolving organism, DOGO - the last survivor of another world - harvests the DNA of the best humans throughout history. Their reincarnated forms have abilities unique to their specialities.


In the future, most of the land is lost to rising sea levels, when fleets of sentient warships mysteriously appear and devastate the world's navies. The Blue Steel submarine defects to the human side to help fight back.

  • Madoka
  • Psycho_pass
  • Space_dandy
  • Nobunagun
  • Arpeggio