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  • The Fall

    The Fall

    We’ve been unabashed fans of this incredibly disturbing, Gillian Anderson-led show, and with good reason — namely that it’s complex, and emotionally confusing, and nakedly cynical. Anderson’s Stella Gibson is brought to Belfast to investigate the serial murders of young, professional women by a sexual fetishist, to whom (and to whose family) we’re introduced in the very first episode. It’s tough stuff, but Anderson has never been better.

  • Doctor Who

    Doctor Who

    This show has been on (or at least, on and off) for 50 years. If you haven’t at least been exposed to it however tangentially, you’ve probably been living amongst penguins in Antarctica for half a century. But don’t be intimidated by its mythology; it’s always easy to jump in, and most episodes are more procedural than anything else. Come on, you know you want to hang with the cool kids on the internet.

  • The Hollow Crown

    The Hollow Crown

    We can all agree that Shakespeare wrote some pretty good plays, right? And we can also all agree that there are some kind of amazing British actors, like Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, and Patrick Stewart? Well, take a little from column A and add it to a dash of column B, and you have the majesty that IS The Hollow Crown, in which three of the Bard’s history plays are lavishly adapted for the screen.

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