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  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    A little while back we gave you some of our favorite reasons to watch this terrifically funny sitcom, but just to be on the safe side, here are a few more: you will belly laugh at a joke about being shot in the butt; co-star Chelsea Peretti is one of the best comedians working today; and this might be the series that saves the entire sitcom genre from obsolescence.

  • Veep


    As brilliant as she was as Elaine Benes (and she really was), Julia Louis-Dreyfus is even better as Vice President (or shall we drop the Vice part?) Selina Meyer. By turns hapless/cruel and (disgustingly) lucky/giddy, Meyer is a thing of political beauty, with a coterie of only occasionally competent hacks in her employ. No, it's not the show to watch to put your faith back in government, but it is the one to watch if you want to chuckle while sadly shaking your head at the farce that is our current political situation.

  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley

    We're a little biased given that SideReel is based in San Francisco and is in the "tech sphere" (kind of), but even those of you at the other end of the spectrum will find something to giggle at, whether it's the hilariously profane T.J. Miller, the extended dick joke in the season 1 finale, or just the fact that this manages to take tech titans down a peg or eight. Season 2 can't come soon enough.

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