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  • American Crime

    American Crime

    It's about a crime that's (wait for it!) AMERICAN! But seriously, it's not a happy concept: a young veteran and his wife suffer a home invasion that leaves him dead and her clinging to life. Under suspicion are four suspects, all with complex personal issues and complicated pasts. So no, it's not cheerful, but it does sound gripping.

  • CSI: Cyber

    CSI: Cyber

    What can we say about CSI: Cyber that will persuade fans/haters to move closer together? Probably nothing! Look, you know what you're getting here. It's comfortable, it's familiar. It's CSI—with computers! It's also CSI with James Van Der Beek and Oscar nominee Patricia Arquette. Have at it.

  • Battle Creek

    Battle Creek

    Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel star as crimefighting duo "bad cop" and "hot cop" working on cleaning up the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan in this Vince Gilligan production that borrows liberally from the cop drama playbook. Can Gilligan do for broadcast TV procedurals what he did for cable drug dramas? We have high hopes.

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