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  • Mob City

    Mob City

    This limited drama from The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont is Los Angeles noir at its best. Dealing with the corruption endemic to the city's police force in the 1940s, Mob City focuses on Captain William Parker's efforts to take down mafia leaders Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen without... well, killing half the city. It's gloriously moody, and clocking in at a grand total of six episodes, it doesn't require a ton of commitment.

  • True Detective

    True Detective

    Oh lord, is this show good. Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that Matthew McConaughey would be doing career-redefining work as a serious dramatic actor, but here he is (partnered with the always excellent Woody Harrelson) putting a whol new spin on the tortured-detective-with-a-past genre. Add the setup of murders with occult overtones in the Louisiana Bible Belt, and you have what might just be the best show in a post-Breaking Bad television landscape.

  • Sherlock


    Have you heard of this Benedict Cumberbatch fellow? We hear he's got some internet fans. Seriously, though, this current day adaptation of some of the best Sherlock Holmes stories has garnered a serious worldwide following through a grand total of nine episodes. Yes, Holmes and Watson are in good hands with Cumberbatch and The Hobbit's Martin Freeman, and you have at least a year to get caught up, so there's really no excuse.

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