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  • The Americans

    The Americans

    This '80s-set spy drama is everything you've ever imagined an '80s-set spy drama to be—and more! It's sexy, sure, and Keri Russell is putting in the best performance of her career as an undercover Soviet agent who finds herself married (to another Soviet agent who actually loves her), a mom to two average American, Reagan-era kids, and forced to carry out dangerous operations while wearing high-waisted jeans. She's a true believer in the last gasps of the Cold War, and the most intriguing thing is that we're rooting for her. U-S-A...?

  • House of Cards

    House of Cards

    It's the Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe-winning political prestige drama that you can watch whenever you want to (ah, Netflix, you wonderful thing), and it stars Kevin Spacey, who's just basically the greatest all the time. Spacey's ambitious Rep. Frank Underwood is as power-hungry as Macbeth ever was, but without any sense of honor. He's Machiavellian to the extreme—but so is every other character on the show, which includes two of the more complex female characters on television: Robin Wright's Claire Underwood and Kate Mara's Zoe Barnes.

  • Intelligence


    Lost's Josh Holloway (yes, the one with the glorious hair and the one-liners) stars as an intelligence operative with a chip in his head (if not on his shoulder) that connects his brain directly to data. Yeah, it's like Chuck, but without the irony. Yes, it's a high tech procedural, but it has a pretty kick-ass cast, including Marg Helgenberger (who knows from procedurals), Lance Reddick, and Zuleikha Robinson.

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