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  • Empire


    Terrence Howard plays the head of a hip-hop... EMPIRE in this aptly titled FOX hit, which also star the terrifically devious Taraji P. Henson as his ex-wife (who was recently released from prison after 17 years; obviously this show has it all). As dramatic as any of Shondaland's offerings, Empire is the most can't-miss midseason show in recent memory.

  • The Americans

    The Americans

    You want to watch a historical-ish drama that takes place during the waning days of the Cold War, right? OK, what if we told you it starred Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as married KGB spies raising an all-American family? And what if we also told you they have a LOT of sexyfuntimes? Yeah, you're watching this show.

  • The Slap

    The Slap

    Based on an Australian series of the same name, this "event" offering asks one simple question: is it OK to slap another person's child? This central conceit is (almost) less important than the fact that it stars Zachary Quinto, Peter Sarsgaard, and Uma Thurman, gorgeous and talented specimens of humanity and acting, all, and well worth the price of admission (the price being $0).

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May 14

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May 17

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Jun 4


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