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  • Under the Gunn

    Under the Gunn

    Let's be honest: there can only be one Tim Gunn. No one else could ever come close to being the perfect person he is—but that doesn't stop three former Project Runway contestants from trying! Here the goal isn't to make the best outfit, but to be the best mentor (to people who will then make the best outfit). So, OK, the goal is to make the best outfit by proxy. Got that? Good. Now make it work.

  • Undercover Boss

    Undercover Boss

    Have you ever grumbled that maybe the CEO should try your job? That's basically the premise behind this uniquely 2010s-ian series in which the heads of companies pretend to be average Joes. They learn the trials and tribulations of the working man (and often recieve some unvarnished opinions about the company), then unmask themselves and bestow gifts on their underlings. It's kind of weird and gross, but it's also addictive. Tune in, and you'll never tune out.

  • Buying Alaska

    Buying Alaska

    Are you familiar with such architectural niceties as arctic entries, waterless sinks, and outhouses? If not, you haven't been watching Buying Alaska! It's kind of surreal for those of us who don't live there to contemplate the idea of no running water as a benefit when buying a house, but we're spoiled, probably. Modern niceties aren't so nice when all they do is freeze. Much better to dig a hole in the ground and... well, we'll just stop here. Watch for yourself and find out.

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