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  • The Flash

    The Flash

    We've already seen flashes of Grant Gustin in Glee and Arrow, where we were introduced to Barry Allen/The Flash last season, so we're excited to see the guy get his very own show. He definitely has the chops to carry a series, and The CW has repeatedly proven that they can do superheroes well. This is a recipe for success!

  • Happyland


    MTV has been faring pretty well with their original series lately, so we're excited for their newest—a theme park dramedy! Remember that movie Adventureland? This show sounds quite a bit like that, except way soapier, because we're talking about MTV here.

  • Jane the Virgin

    Jane the Virgin

    Don't worry, this show isn't going to try and convince us that immaculate conception is real. Instead, Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated! Way more plausible, right? But, if you can get past this somewhat outlandish premise—based on a telenovela—you might discover that this series is pretty charming.

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Oct 22

The 100

Season Premiere

Oct 23

Project Runway: Threads

Series Premiere

Oct 27


Season Finale

Oct 28

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season Premiere

Oct 30


Series Premiere

Nov 5

Snooki & JWoww

Season Premiere

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