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  • 24: Live Another Day

    24: Live Another Day

    Jack Bauer's back, baby! (It's still unclear where season three's poor Behrooz is, though. Behrooz, we never forgot about you!) Not content to let the past stay dead, FOX is resurrecting last decade's hit series 24—but without the 24-hour framing device that made the structure of the original show innovative. It's unclear whether Jack Bauer (you have to say his full name) has made it to the bathroom during the extended hiatus, but we hope he's battle ready this time around. He'll need to be.

  • Arrow


    Imagine you're a billionaire. Awesome, right? OK, now imagine you're a billionaire who, following a shipwreck that kills your father, spends five years stranded on an island! Less awesome. Your time on the island changes your priorities, and when you return to civilization you become a green masked vigilante who fights for the little people! You're a bona fide superhero, now! This is the setup behind Arrow, The CW's adaptation of DC Comics' character Green Arrow. Watch it... OR ELSE!

  • Crisis


    Gillian Anderson stars in this new political terrorism thriller. We're not at 24-levels of craziness (or at least, we don't think it is), but when a bunch of children of government and world leaders are kidnapped from their high school, the FBI, Secret Service, and all kinds of other agencies are on the case. The President's son is even among the kidnappees! It's NUTS (but again, not Jack Bauer nuts)! We're recommending it on the pedigree of the cast (which also includes Dermot Mulroney) and producers Randy Ravich (Life) and Philip Noyce (Revenge).

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