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  • Indian Summers

    Indian Summers

    A British period drama in the same vein as the great Jewel in the Crown, Indian Summers, set in 1932 during the British Raj, is already a hit in the UK — it's even been renewed for season 2! Learn some history while enjoying another terrific Masterpiece! program, complete with ace performances and stunning vistas.

  • The Last Kingdom

    The Last Kingdom

    Did you know that the Vikings once invaded England? It's true! And BBC America has made a series about it! Here, the orphaned child of Saxon nobleman is kidnapped by Vikings and brought up in their midst. He has conflicting loyalties, to say the least! If you can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones, this is your jam.

  • Ladies of London

    Ladies of London

    It's basically Real Housewives but featuring women ladies who lunch in London instead of Beverly Hills/NYC/Atlanta/etc. You already know whether this appeals to you or not, but hey, it's a bona fide hit, so get used to it being around.

British Premieres and Finales

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Jul 6

Vicious - 2013

Season Finale

Jul 29

Strike Back

Series Finale

Aug 29

The X Factor

Season Premiere

Sep 7

Ladies of London

Season Premiere

Sep 19

Doctor Who - 2005

Season Premiere

Oct 10

The Last Kingdom

Series Premiere

Oct 24

Da Vinci's Demons

Season Premiere

Jan 3

Downton Abbey

Season Premiere

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