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Ss hardly working

Hardly Working is a series of short comedy videos from CollegeHumor, starring the CollegeHumor staff writers. They are shot around the office at CollegeHumor headquarters in New York City, where outrageous and hilarious situations usually happen over the course of a workday.

Ss jake and amir

Jake and Amir is a comedy segment from CollegeHumor based on the minds of staff writers Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld.

Ss troopers

In intergalactic war, there are heroes, villains, and then these guys. A new series from CollegeHumor.

Ss full benefits

The story is somewhat typical of a TV sitcom and the episodes are just around 3-5 minutes long which is pretty cool. But even if the episodes are shorter, the humor is not any less.

Ss star of the week

CollegeHumor partners with Hollywood to bring you star-studded internet videos.

Ss bad dads

Before today, Cory had never met his father. Maybe it was better that way. Starring Michael Cera and Will Hines.

Ss nerd alert

Every week, three experts discuss the latest in videogames, comic books, cartoons and the other stuff that used to get them beat up.

  • Ss hardly working
  • Ss jake and amir
  • Ss troopers
  • Ss full benefits
  • Ss star of the week
  • Ss bad dads
  • Ss nerd alert

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