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  • Forever


    Doctor Henry Morgan can't die! And since those who can't, teach (or something), he became a medical examiner—a terrific one—in order to try and figure out how to unlock his final achievement, so to speak. Remember that show New Amsterdam from 2008? It's kind of the same thing, except it stars Ioan Gruffudd instead of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Gruffudd is usually terrific, so we can only wait and see if this show is worthy of him.

  • Stalker


    It's about time Dylan McDermott had a hit TV show, and Stalker seems like the type to break his string of cancellations. It's got an SVU-ish premise in that McDermott plays Jack Larson, an LAPD Detective who investigates stalking incidents like voyeurism, romantic obsessions, and cyberbullying. Let's hope it lasts longer than last year's Hostages.

  • Constantine


    Superheroes are so hot right now, which is why NBC is joining the increasingly-crowded race for comic-inspired drama with Constantine. Perhaps you're familiar with the Keanu Reeves movie with which this show shares a name and source material? Forget what you know, because the series is less about heaven not taking him and hell not wanting him than it is a procedural with a supernatural bent.

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