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  • Fear the Walking Dead

    Fear the Walking Dead

    You remember The Walking Dead, right? Biggest show AMC has ever had? Zombies? Everyone fighting a weirdly nihilistic battle to survive? Well, now you can watch the same thing, but instead of taking place in the American South, it takes place in Los Angeles! Good luck finding brains there, zombies! (JK, we love LA.)

  • Sense8


    The Wachowskis, masterminds behind The Matrix and, uh, Jupiter Ascending, bring their unique visual and world-building sensibilities to TV (almost) with Sense8, Netflix's first original science fiction series (Between doesn't count, since it was a co-production). Eight people around the world have some kind of mystical connection... and evildoers are maybe hunting them down! It sounds a little Tomorrow People-y, but we bet the imagery will be spectacular.

  • Humans


    What if the hot new gadget you just had to have was a humanoid robot? Well, then you'd be the star of AMC's Humans! Based on the Swedish series Real Humans, this creepy new entry takes a look at how Synths (the aforementioned robots) interact with their owners/families. Are they going to rise up and attack? Still remains to be seen — but, OK, probably.

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