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  • Limitless


    If you take a drug (NZT) that makes you the world's smartest human, you're going to want to coordinate with the FBI to help them solve cases, right? Definitely not cure cancer or write the great American novel or whatever. This is 4-minutes-into-the-future kind of stuff, and we know scifi fans are just dying to get their hands on some NZT.

  • Heroes Reborn

    Heroes Reborn

    Oh, Heroes, the little show that never quite could. Then again, how many shows can say they're getting a sequel/spin-off less than a decade after their parent was unceremoniously canceled? Either way, this series that featured ordinary people with extraordinary abilities is back, and it's sure to make fans new and old very happy. One might even say... super... happy.

  • The Expanse

    The Expanse

    How long has it been since we've had a really good new space opera? We won't spoil it for you, but we know that if you like space, you'll like this. Fans of the book series The Expanse already know what they're getting themselves into, but newbies beware: this show will involve pretty gnarly space viruses and lack faster-than-light transportation.

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Aug 30

Falling Skies

Series Finale

Sep 6

The Last Ship

Season Finale

Sep 10

Under the Dome

Series Finale

Sep 11


Season Premiere

Sep 19

Doctor Who - 2005

Season Premiere

Oct 4

The Leftovers

Season Premiere

Oct 7

American Horror Story

Season Premiere

Oct 11

The Walking Dead

Season Premiere

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