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  • Gilmore Girls

    Gilmore Girls

    It's pretty crazy that this heartwarming mother/daughter series went off the airwaves in 2007; it seems like just yesterday that many of us were closer in age to Rory than to Lorelai, as we now are. If you didn't catch this show on its original run OR want to relive its charm from the beginning, Netflix has given you the perfect opportunity to do just that, as they are now offering the entire series.

  • iZombie


    A med school student turns into a zombie and works in a Coronor's Office so she can eat the free brains to survive. Did we mention this is from the creator of Veronica Mars? Did we mention the student helps solve mysteries with the info she absorbs from the brains she just ate? Kind of sounds like Veronica Mars with zombies. We're into it.

  • Chasing Life

    Chasing Life

    We didn't want to like this series about a twentysomething where leukemia manages to be no more than a minor nuisance, but star Italia Ricci is a charmer and manages to make the thing work. Furthermore, it's nice to see an ABC Family show that actually belongs on the network: here's a strong, well adjusted young woman that teenage girls can admire!

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