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  • Scream


    It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 20 years since the original film—and the basis for this new series—hit theaters. In this modern incarnation of the franchise, a viral YouTube video is what leads to problems and murder for a new group of impossibly attractive teens.

  • Between


    Brought to you by Netflix—and Canada—Between centers around a town where disease has wiped out everyone EXCEPT those aged 21 and under. We assume that with a town of only youngsters, the post apocalyptic struggle is real.

  • Becoming Us

    Becoming Us

    Think Transparent (and funnily, this show was originally titled My Transparent Life, but the unscripted version for teens. A groundbreaking series for ABC Famiily, Becoming Us follows teenage Ben as he navigates his father's transition into a woman.

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Aug 2

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season Finale

Aug 31


Season Premiere

Oct 6


Season Premiere

Oct 7


Season Premiere

Oct 8

The Vampire Diaries

Season Premiere

Oct 8

The Originals

Season Premiere

Oct 9


Season Premiere

Oct 19

Jane the Virgin

Season Premiere

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