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Our music-video series in which 25 bands cover 25 songs in one small, round room in The A.V. Club office.

"Sebadoh covers Rush"

November 18, 2014
There was some understandable trepidation about covering Rush’s “Limelight” for this year’s A.V. Undercover, because no Rush song is exactly easy to cover. Which makes it all the more fun that a band known for being lo-fi and loose would decide to tackle the complexity. And Sebadoh—indie-rockers of the original variety, together off and on since 1986—even did it with just two instruments (plus a variety of pedals). Becca James did the intro, because she’s the world’s biggest Rush fan. We’re getting close to the end, friends—just two songs remain. (Mountain Goats and PJ Harvey.)

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