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A.V. Undercover

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Our music-video series in which 25 bands cover 25 songs in one small, round room in The A.V. Club office.

"Braid covers T’Pau"

September 9, 2014
Never has a song choice so vexed the Undercover crew as T’Pau’s 1987 hit “Heart And Soul.” Some of us—particularly former editor Kyle Ryan—were extremely familiar with it; it was a pretty massive hit. Others, the song completely passed by for whatever reason, and it was the British band’s only U.S. hit, so it’s not like they’re a household name. (The name, by the way, is a Star Trek reference.) In any case, the gentlemen of Braid—emotive fellas who just released their first album in 16 years, No Coast—knew about “Heart And Soul,” and they twisted it into some very Braid-like, for your enjoyment.

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