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Around June poster

Around June

A young woman raised under suffocating circumstances finds the love that could help her transform her life for the better, if she can only summon the courage to break free from the grip of her abusive, domineering father. When June's mother died, so did the young girl's dreams of a brighter future away from the San Francisco shipyards. Ever since that tragedy, June (Samaire Armstrong) has led a sheltered existence under the close watch of her emotionally crippled father, Murry (Jon Gries), who never found the strength to get over his profound loss. Together with June's mentally challenged uncle Henry (Brad William Henke), they manage to remain together as a family despite the heavy cloud of grief hanging over their household. It's only after the sudden appearance of Juan Diego (Oscar H. Guerrero), an optimistic illegal immigrant, that June finally finds the courage to break away from her father and live the life she could only dream about before.