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Five Corners poster

Five Corners

Tony Bill directed this oddball black-comedy set in the Bronx in 1964. Coming across as a slightly psychotic American Graffiti, the story concerns various young people and their bizarre intersecting lives. Jodie Foster plays Linda, a pet-shop employee who is simultaneously dating a cripple (Todd Graff) and threatened by the affections of a recently-released convicted rapist (John Turturro). Turturro steals the film in a way-out turn, kidnapping penguins and clubbing one to death to prove his love. Tim Robbins won't help because he wants to join the Freedom Marches down South, and there are a couple of glue-sniffing druggies who play yo-yo on top of elevators. Meanwhile, strange murders are committed with a bow and arrow, and an old lady gets flung from a window. It doesn't always work, but is certainly unusual enough to keep viewers interested.