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A SideReel Original - "Jersey Sox" follows the sock puppet counterparts of the "Jersey Shore." Socks + spray tans + booze = fun, fun, fun on the Shore.

"The Roommates Arrive in Italy"

August 12, 2011
In the Season 2 premiere of The Jersey Sox, starring the Jersey Shore cast’s sock puppet counterparts, Ronnie makes a pledge not to cry this season, and Snooki looks for her Chilean ancestors in Italy.

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The Jersey Sox: Summer Special - Snooki Crashes Into a Cop Car - 6/1/11
The Jersey Sox: Episode 10, "Leaving Jersey" - 4/4/11
The Jersey Sox: Episode 9, "The Roast" - 3/22/11
The Jersey Sox: Episode 7, "Mean Cuisine"
The Jersey Sox: Episode 3, "A Toxic Situation"
What's New in Web TV: Introducing the Jersey Sox! - 2/9/11
The Jersey Sox: Episode 2, "Who Perioded In My Pants?"